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Welcome to CricketHERO™

Welcome to the magnificent world of CricketHERO™, a division of SyndiSportz.

CricketHERO™ has been carefully tried and tested, where children are introduced to the wonderful game of cricket. The coaching program is formulated to teach children, whilst playing games, that basic essentials are being developed without the pressures of formal training.

It is a group program that builds great aspects at a young age, including: teamwork, healthy competitiveness, fitness, skills, coordination and socialising whilst still having fun with friends and classmates.

This specialised program is an introduction to the initial basics of the game of cricket and is unique to CricketHERO™ .

We truly redefine coaching.

So have a look around our website to see what we are about or who the team is that runs our CricketHERO™  program and what other services we offer; perhaps you want to become part of the CricketHERO™  family or would like to have a CricketHERO™  Birthday Party. should you have further questions, don't hesitate to contact us.