About Us

The establishment and branding of CricketHERO™ was launched at the beginning of 2010. Despite the fact that CricketHERO™ as a brand name is still quite fresh, the fundamentals and core of the cricket coaching program were developed over a 4 year period. The CricketHERO™ program has been built on a solid foundation; we have tried and tested the program in many diverse environments to ensure that all athletes attending the CricketHERO™ program get the most out of what the program has to offer. The good news is that the program is constantly expanding, adapting and innovating thus ensuring that the developments of our younger generations to come are catered for.  

CricketHERO™ is one of the firsts with regards to cricket coaching and training for the nursery school market; this is a unique cricket program that focuses on the 3 to 6 year age group. Since CricketHERO™ offers an in depth and defined cricket program, we have provided extensive training to our coaches who proudly carry out responsibilities and hold the CricketHERO™ name positively. Some of the key elements that the coaches acquire in training are: energy, passion, discipline, preparation and responsibility to name a few. With the experience, good service, positive outlook, good vision and ultimately a passion for kids’ cricket, CricketHERO™ is an excellent platform to introduce children to sport and allow them to obtain the benefits that the program has to offer.

Our Vision 

We at CricketHERO™ have a passion and a desire to witness our cricketers achieving unique cricketing distinction. We aspire to having the brand CricketHERO™ established throughout the entire country as the exclusive cricket Program that’s successful in every aspect. We ensure that foundations set at this impressionable age will be distinctive as each player looks to further expand individual skills. Each child playing under the CricketHERO™ paradigm will grow and develop an exceptional enthusiasm, skill and appreciation for the game. We strive to have Green & Orange the colours that come to mind when focusing on young, aspiring cricket players. Anyone having a love for cricket and seeking success from the sport should take into consideration that it all starts with CricketHERO™.  

GCB Endorsed

CricketHERO™ is proud to be endorsed by the GCB (Gauteng Cricket Board).

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